My family has a weekend tradition: French toast. There’s something so delicious about toast, eggs, cinnamon, and sugar all rolled into one. It’s everyone’s favorite dish, and my kids always have to pick out which slice is theirs.

The Girl Scouts announced a new cookie for the 2021 season, and it’s inspired by French toast. Source: Girl Scout blog

Now, with the new 2021 Girl Scout cookie, I have a feeling they’re going to devour every last crumb. That’s because the flavor is, you guessed it, French toast!!! YUM.

What We Know About the New Girl Scout Cookie

The 2021 Girl Scout lineup was recently introduced. In addition to all the old favs, like Thin Mints and Tagalongs, the Girl Scouts are introducing a brand-new flavor inspired by French toast. The cookie is called “Toast-Yay!”

Source: Girl Scouts blog

The new Girl Scout cookie inspired by French toast has an outer cookie that looks like a slice of bread. There’s also a layer of yummy icing.

Girl Scouts

So the new cookie not only tastes like French toast, it kind of looks like it too! As a bit of decoration, the cookie is stamped with the iconic Girl Scout trefoil. These tasty treats will be available in green packaging.

Source: Girl Scouts

The Girl Scout cookie season typically starts in January, but both availability and timing depends on location. As with this past season, the Girl Scouts of America are planning on allowing Girl Scout troops to sell the cookies over an online platform to allow for social distancing while still encouraging entrepreneurship.

I don’t know about you, but these cookies are yet another reason to look forward to 2021!

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