These Mask Straps Prevent Kids From Losing Their Masks and My Kids Need Them

My kids have already lost a couple of their face masks. Not going to lie: my son using his mask as a slingshot once or twice didn’t help. So, is there any way to help kids from losing their masks? Yes!

With a mask saver kiddos won’t lose their masks while they’re out and about.

Stop losing masks with a little help from a mask saver. Source: Etsy/SweetNugget

Etsy shop owner Libby White sells some super cute mask savers in her shop SweetNugget. The idea really is super simple, but it can save your kids masks, in turn saving you money.

Source: Etsy

The mask saver is made with a 100% polyester band. On each end of the band there are two snaps. Put the band around the ear loops of the mask, snap the snaps together, and voila! Your kids won’t lose their mask at snack time or when they’re on the playground. Or at the very least, they’re a whole lot less likely to lose it.

Not only the mask savers super easy to use but they’re also comfortable. They also come in a whole range of colors, so your kiddos can pick their favorite color to wear. After all, it is an accessory!

Source: Etsy

As one parent said in a review: “Super cute and a simple solution to help keep track of our daughter’s mask. She is 7 and is able to open/close it herself. Will be ordering more in the future because my little dude would like a couple as well.”

Source: Etsy

Each mask saver from Etsy shop SweetNugget is $5.99, and if you buy two you can get free shipping. There are also three sizes: 12″ for toddlers, 15″ for big kids, and 18″ for adult. Because, yeah, let’s be honest; I should probably get one for myself too.

You can order your Mask Savers from SweetNugget on Etsy Here.

Source: Etsy

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