Grampa's Playhouse!

Sorry for not writing for a while guys- my dad was up visiting us for the past two weeks and while he was here he built a playhouse!

My daughter is turning two in a week!

AHHHHH! I cannot believe it!

How does time fly by so fast?

And as a birthday present for her my husband and I wanted to give her a playhouse. We were Not however prepared for the amazing playhouse Grampa had in mind. The playhouse has insulation, drywall, faux wood floors inside, working windows, lights inside and outside -and an air conditioner!!

She is a lucky girl! I already told my husband that as soon as she goes to college someday – I am calling the playhouse as MY OFFICE!!

Below are some time lapse photos of Grampa’s special creation- I hope you enjoy!

grandpa planning playhouse

(Day 1- Grampie shows Daddy where he is going to build)

shopping for lumbar

(Day2- Grampie goes on the first of 100’s of trips to Home Depot. Here he is showing the Pumpkin how to measure!)

beginning building the playhouse

(Day 4- Frame goes up)

roof starts on playhouse

(Day 7- Grampie goes on the roof to start putting up shingles)

shingles on playhouse

(Day 10- shingles done, walls up)

playhouse inside taking shape

(Day 12- Electrical wiring goes in, so does AC Unit!)

playhouse drywalled

(Day 14- Drywall up, ready to prime)

playhouse painted

(Day 15- Windows & door ready to install)

~Ready for the finished Playhouse???~

finished playhouse

(Day 16- Finished. Side View)

(Day 16- Front view)

front of playhouse



  1. rose molloy says:

    what a great grandpa to do this for a sweet child.

  2. Love it! We are currently building our three boys a club house…pictures and a post to come soon!

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