This Young Man Collected Garbage To Pay For College and Now He’s Attending Harvard Law School

The story of 24-year-old Rehan Staton will hit you right in the feels. The young man has faced more than his share of adversity over his life. But it’s been those obstacles that he says helped him grow.

Rehan Staton wants to encourage others to never give up on their goals, no matter what obstacles they face. Rehan once worked as a sanitation worker collecting garbage to help his family. This fall he starts as a student at Harvard Law. Source: GoFundMe

The Inspiring Story of Rehan Staton

Reflecting on his life, Rehan Staton recently told CNN:

When I look back at my experiences, I like to think that I made the best of the worst situation. Each tragedy I faced forced me out of my comfort zone, but I was fortunate enough to have a support system to help me thrive in those predicaments.

Wise words from a wise young man!

An Open Letter to My Older Brother,It goes without saying that I never thought I would be accepted to Harvard Law…

Posted by Rehan Staton on Thursday, June 25, 2020

When Rehan Staton was eight years old, his mother left his father and the country. Rehan’s father was left to suddenly raise two boys, Rehan and his older brother Reggie, on his own. He struggled to make ends meet, and the boys often went hungry.

As Rehan grew up he turned to sports, particularly boxing. He planned to be a professional boxer — until he injured his shoulder so badly, he no longer could go pro. Even so, Rehan didn’t give up on himself, even after he received multiple college rejection letters.

Harvard Law School University Historic Building in Cambridge Massachusetts USA.

After his dad had a stroke, Rehan supported his father financially by working at Bates Trucking and Trash Removal sanitation company. Many of fellow coworkers had previously been incarcerated. They must have seen something in Rehan, because they encouraged him like few else had before. As Rehan said:

Courtesy of Rehan Staton

Throughout my entire life… all the people in my life who I was supposed to look up to were the ones who always downplayed me and made me feel bad about myself… I had to go to the ‘bottom’ of the social hierachy — that’s to say formerly incarcerate sanitation workers — in order to be uplifted.

And uplifted him they did. With their support, Rehan came to the attention of one of the higher-ups at Bates Trucking. That’s how he met — and subsequently impressed — a professor at Bowie State University. With the professor’s support, Rehan got in and flourished. He later transferred to and graduated from the University of Maryland.

Source: GoFundMe

After spending a couple years working, in places like a political consulting firm, he applied to law school. Not only did Rehan get into Harvard, but also Columbia, Pepperdine, the University of Pennsylvania, and more.

Rehan decided on Harvard Law, and his reaction to the acceptance is something you have to see! It’s available to watch on his GoFundMe page, which was started by his mentor to raise money for his living expenses and other school-related fees.

The story of Rehan Staton is incredible. It’s a story of perseverance and overcoming adversity. He is truly an inspiration.

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