It’s the Fall! Kids are back to school, and although the Texas heat isn’t showing it- Halloween is right around the corner! Want a fun Halloween craft to get you in the mood? How about making your own self stick gel cling spiders? gel cling spiders These spiders are super easy to make and can be stuck to mirrors or windows- even a glass vase to add a little spook to your decor! Below you will find the directions- it’s SO easy! As well as a video showing how easy it is to pipe the spiders out! Best of all- a fleet of spiders will cost you less than $2.00! It’s crafty and cheap! Enjoy! Halloween Craft Idea: Make your own gel spiders! Video from Shannon S.
gel cling spider decorYou Need:
  • A bottle of dimensional paint (in the 90’s we called it “Puffy Paint” remember?)
  • A non stick surface (like a non stick plastic cookie sheet)
  • A vase or mirror to decorate.
Step: 1 Draw directly from the dimensional paint bottle onto a non stick surface   to create spiders.
Step: 2
To create   medium spiders, squeeze about a quarter size puddle of black onto   pad, keeping the tip of the bottle on the paint puddle as you squeeze. Make the puddle as large as desired. Add legs attached to puddle. Set aside to DRY thoroughly; about two days. More if it’s a very large arachnid. Step: 3 Gently peel spiders from nonstick pad and place on glass vase or mirror. They will pull off so you can re-position them just the way you want! ENJOY! For more Crafts…

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