Baby Uses Computer

Baby at the Computer:   A Comic Strip

baby and penguin at computer

Mr. Penguin!


Let’s look up pictures of babies on the laptop!

Mommy isn’t   looking!

child looking at laptop

Ooh- problem.

I don’t actually   know how the lap top computer works.


child on tip toes at computer

Good idea   Mr. Penguin!

Maybe if I stand on my tippy toes!

child staring at laptop screen

I’ll   put my face really, REALLY close to the screen-

and I’ll be able to see the baby pictures I crave!!

child climbing on table for laptop


My feet aren’t even touching the floor anymore!

I’ve climbed up the table!

child at computer screen laughing

Oh No!!!

Mommy sees me!!!

child laughing

Maybe mommy will forget I was climbing on the table if I smile at her real big!

Watch me erase her memory Mr. penguin! Watch and learn:)

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