My husband has a birthday near Halloween – so this year I decided to throw a Halloween birthday party for him!

Decorations were put up,   tons of food was ordered, cider was mulled!

But the party never happened!

The day the party was to happen we were busy getting ready when it started raining. The rain didn’t let up, and soon there were tornado warnings not in our county- but some close by. We got some cancellations from my husbands friends- and then his family. Obviously we couldn’t throw the party without his friends or family- so we were forced to cancel it.

Boo!!! So disappointing!

Some of the families that we have play dates with decided they didn’t mind the rain- and came by anyway to help us eat some of the food and to hang out! Which was great!

Would you like a sneak peak into the party that never happened?

outdoor autumn decor

Our door was decorated with corn stalks and hay bales.

halloween spider webs on fireplace

(Cobwebs and a spider covered the fireplace…)

halloween spider webs bookcase

And the bookcase….Well- cobwebs covered everything!

halloween birthday cake

Cake for my sweetie

food table at party

Tons of food from Sweet Tomatoes– they were awesome and delivered everything in pouring rain!

cider and whiskey

(Homemade Mulled Cider was put in the slow cooker to keep hot- Irish Whiskey nearby to spike it if that was your preference)

Sparkly crows landed on our hutch…

halloween spiders on wall

Spiders with pretty jewel eyes crawled the wall- they were friendly spiders!


(Homemade Bug soaps for favors)


Our pumpkins Playhouse even got into the Fall action!

2 children tea party at tableOur pumpkin as Lil Bo Peep

kids in halloween costumes

Thanks to our playgroup for coming by in   the rain

We have been eating all the leftovers all week! This is what our fridge looked like packed up with all the uneaten party food!

Happy Halloween! Hope yours is full of sun- and NO RAIN!!!!

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My name is Holly Homer & I am the Dallas mom of three boys…

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