My two year old daughter really enjoyed the last Sensory Tub we made for the Fall. So this time I decided to make one with a Winter theme – since we will be getting to spend some of the holidays this year in a cold climate! Our family will be visiting family up North- and there is a pretty good chance that my daughter will see some snow! So in planning a “Winter” Sensory Tub I had two objectives in mind:

winter sensory tub

1) That the Sensory tub would provide an avenue for my daughter to explore the concept of “snow” and colder climates. 2) That the Sensory Tub would be “Edible” – our toddler is going through a picky eating stage and I wanted her to have a chance to play with food! And to maybe be tempted to try new things because it was part of play.

daughter on blanket

(Our only rule- is that everything in the tub has to stay on the blanket!) Our Bin was made up of:
  • Marshmallows (bodies of snowmen- as snow in tub)
  • Dried Cranberries (Mouth of snowmen and sprinkled)
  • Piece of Slim Jims (arms of snowmen)
  • Food coloring was used to paint on the marshmallows

sensory tub

(Pretending the marshmallow snowman is a baby!)

eating the snowmen

(I’m really allowed to eat the stuff in the Tub?)

enjoying winter sensory tub

(Dried Cranberries!! YUMMY!!!!!)

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