You Can Get A Keyboard Waffle Iron For The Person Who Loves Breakfast and Technology

This Keyboard Waffle Iron looks amazing… and not just because I’m a writer who loves food and her computer. For one: it makes extra-large waffles. Think of how much delicious butter and syrup can fit into all those waffle wells!

Form follows Fn. This keyboard waffle iron is perfect for people who love breakfast and tech. Source: Amazon

More Reasons to Love This Keyboard Waffle Iron

The Keyboard Waffle Iron is also super innovative in its design. Originally launched on Kickstarter, this particular waffle maker is wireless. That means that you don’t need to plug it in.

Source: Amazon

Rather, it’s designed to be used over just about any source of heat, including gas and electric stoves, as well as grills. So if you want to bring it camping? Go for it. Your kids will get a kick out of their keyboard breakfast.

But as the creator of this fabulous keyboard waffle iron shares, it works for other delicious meals as well. You can use the griddle to cook other breakfast items like eggs or hash browns on it. Or get really crazy and make cookies or paninis too!

Yep, I’ll admit it, I’m a geek. But I love when I can use kitchen appliances for more than one thing.

Source: Amazon

The other important thing to me when shopping for kitchen gadgets: how easy is it to use and clean? The answer to both those questions: super easy.

Since the waffle griddle is made with non-stick aluminium it’s easy peasy to clean up even after making a stack of waffle goodies.

As for using it, the handles are curved and heat resistant, meaning flipping the waffle over, so that it cooks evenly, is a breeze.

Source: Amazon

But of course, my favorite part is the die-cast waffle design. Since the “keyboard keys” are inverted, there are oh so many spots to fill with syrup and butter — a must for a Control, ALT, DEL-icious waffle!

This is the perfect gift for people who love food and tech. You can grab one, or three, Keyboard Waffle Irons on Amazon for $60 each.

Source: Amazon

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