One of my favorite childhood memories is running up to the ice cream truck and getting a Drumstick ice cream cone.

I loved taking a bite and getting a taste of chocolate, peanuts, and vanilla ice cream all together. It was the perfect treat for a hot summer day.

The Drumstick Blizzard promises to be a delicious treat, but it’s available in July only. Source: Facebook/Dairy Queen

Introducing the new DQ Drumstick Blizzard

I didn’t think the Drumstick could get even better. But it did, because Dairy Queen just added a new Blizzard to it’s menu, and it includes, you guessed it, Nestle Drumstick toppings.

Drumstick Blizzard vs. Traditional Drumstick Treat

The DQ Drumstick blizzard may — gasp — be even better than the original ice cream cone treat.

After all, one of the things I love about blizzards is how the toppings are perfectly mixed in.

Now, instead of just getting a coating of chocolate and chopped peanuts, the toppings are blended into the vanilla soft serve.

And that means one delicious bite after another… all the way to the very bottom of the Dairy Queen cup.

Drumstick Blizzard Limited Time

The only problem?

It’s the Dairy Queen Blizzard of the Month for July only.

Yep, we’re going to be making multiple car trips to our local DQ in July.

Because I know my kids and I will love every last bite of this delicious treat.

The DQ Drumstick Blizzard is yet another amazing offering at the popular ice cream chain.

Dairy Queen also has some other fabulous new flavors, like the Wonder Woman Blizzard and the frosted animal cookie Blizzard.


I can’t wait to try every last one of them.

But especially the Drumstick Blizzard; I have a feeling it’ll totally remind me of my childhood.

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Have you tried a Drumstick Blizzard yet?

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