Cheap Fun: Around the House Edition

So you're stuck at home.

Whatever the reason (rain, sick kid, sick mom), being stuck inside can give you the blues.

Here are some ways to prevent you from hearing that phrase we all know: ˜Mommm, I ™m bored. ™

  1. Around the house scavenger hunt- This is a great way to keep kids occupied and teach them about the alphabet. Making a list of items around the house, start with ˜A ™ and hunt ˜til you drop. Get creative with older kids by giving true ˜clues ™ instead of item names and having her take photos of the items ( ˜Find your favorite breakfast item, ™ or ˜This is the dog's most favorite spot to lay ™).
  1. Go camping- Camping indoors can be a blast! Build a fort out of kitchen chairs and blankets, take a flashlight inside, and read a book. Or, pop some popcorn, put on jammies, and watch a favorite movie. Done with those? Go on a bear hunt!
  1. Make play-doh- it's super easy and you probably have all the ingredients. Find several different recipes here.
  1. Make an obstacle course– Use your imagination on this one (but be safe)! Over the pillow, around the table, hop on one foot to the door, tag the refrigerator, ¦ You can do all sorts of variations on this one: who's the fastest, who can go the slowest, who can complete the course while singing the alphabet/twinkle twinkle/row row row your boat.
  1. Have a family sleepover- in the living room! Spread out the sleeping bags, put on your jammies, pop some popcorn and turn on your favorite movie!

Okay, your turn!

What fun around the house activities do you do with your kiddos?

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