I have been playing a fun game for a little over a year now. It’s called The Grocery Game. It is a service I subscribe to that saves my family tons on our groceries and cuts my time in the store way down. I pay to get a list every week of what is on sale at the grocery store and which coupons have been in the paper that go with it, along with internet coupons and store specials. It sounded odd at first to pay to get a list to help save money, but for one store’s list I pay $10 and for 8 weeks of the list. I save more than that in one trip! I also have started buying 3-5 newspapers a week to get more coupons to use. I have had to change my thoughts on shopping and meal planning to stockpiling and making meals with what I’ve got on hand, but we’re spending far less each month on our groceries. I typically only spend about $50 a week on groceries, and that often includes disposable diapers! Here’s a great example of how I’ve saved this week at Kroger, I paid $39.17 for the following items: 6 boxes of tissues 5 boxes of pancake mix 10 cans of evaporated milk 3 boxes of cheez-its 4 bags of tater-tots/french fries 1 jug of flavored cream 1 bottle of olive oil 10lbs of potatoes 3 bags of frozen lightly sauced veggies and pasta 2 bags of mixed frozen veggies 1 frozen pizza 3 tubs of spreadable butter 1 lb baby carrots Value for the above: $117.59–that’s a savings of 66 percent!! Thanks to Laura for this guest post!!!

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