Teachers Are Making Flat Paper Versions Of Themselves So Students Can Take Them On An Adventure and I Love It

Flat Stanley projects are always a highlight in elementary school.  

In the novel of the same name, a boy named Stanley is squished flat by a map and thus is able to mail himself via the post office on all sorts of adventures.  Students then get their only Flat Stanley to mail to relatives and friends in other areas to take pictures and send back to them.

Thank Mrs. Thomas in WA for the photos!

But with social distancing and schools switching to eLearning, teachers have taken this project to the next level with Flat Teachers!  


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So excited to start our #flatteacher adventure!! 🙂 #flatteacherproject #flatmsreedgrp

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They’re mailing letters to their students with a flat Mr. or Mrs. Teacher and ideas for how to share in the fun.  The teachers can be actual photos or Bitmojis of their teachers, laminated and ready to have fun with their students.  They’re often accompanied by simple ideas to share.  

Thank Mrs. Thomas in WA for the photos!

Students can try out these ideas, snap digital photos, and reconnect with their teachers via email.  There’s all sorts of fun to be had and it’s a great way for students to know they are still loved and supported by their teachers.


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Ideas for Flat Teachers have included fun and educational activities:

  • Making cookies with your teacher watching
  • Read your teacher your favorite story
  • Play a board game or a card game
  • Hang out with your pet
  • Play in your yard
  • Do your schoolwork
  • Get some fresh air or exercise


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My first #quaratine activity with Bitmoji. #flatteacherproject

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The possibilities are endless and with email and digital photos, it’s an easy project for kids to share back to their teachers too. 

Thank Mrs. Thomas in WA for the photos!

With the school year ending so abruptly, students are missing their teachers and teacher are missing their students.  The Flat Teacher option is a perfect way to reconnect and have a little bit of fun.

I love this idea so much!

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