The quirky kids love to create… sometimes we create organized or planned masterpieces, and sometimes their works of art are organic and grow from a curiosity. This week’s post was inspired by Childhood list. Her kids had fun with a couple of packs of post-it notes and a wall. I have had a child actually ask for packs of post-it notes for their birthday before. They are loved (and clean up is relatively easy with that art medium. Below are a few other ways that the kids in our weekly blog round-up, It’s Playtime, have created – many thanks to all the blogs that participated. artistic kids

Artistic Kids…

They bring life to the ordinary. They are inventive. They copy the masters. They weave with paper plates. . What ways have your kids been creating? I’d love to hear about them. Link-up your recent kids activity to our linky. I use it as fodder for my pinterest boards so know that by linking up you are giving us permission to feature you (either in a post or on pinterest) and to include you in our weekly newsletter. Many thanks to my co-hosts. This linky is viewed on 5 blogs. Here are some of their “creations”: . Sensory Soap – let the kids get sudsy. Create art on your driveway – with water. Give the kids a roll of tape and see what they do! .

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