Shopping with kids can already be a chore and the holidays just make it harder.  The stores are full of awesome items and the toys aren’t just hidden in one back section you can try to avoid.  Of course, the kids just want all the things and parents still need to go to the store.
Credit: Kristina Watts
One mom has discovered the perfect hack to stop the in-store “I want its” and meltdowns that is even easier than what you’d think.  Pull out your phone and just TAKE A PICTURE! Mom, Kristina Watts came up with this ultimate shopping hack. Just take out your phone, snap pics of all the items your kids want and then your kid is happy *thinking* they may be getting it all for Christmas and your life shopping – I mean, Santa’s life just got easier. How simple is that? Just take a picture, share it with Santa or Daddy or Grandma if needed, and place the item back on the shelf.  The doll you know will be played with for two minutes then sit in the bottom of the toy box?  Take a picture. The building set that is for ages 8 and up that your 3 year old loves? Take a picture.  Those permanent markers and paint that you don’t want in your brand new house? Take a picture! No fuss, no arguments, no promises that you will buy it later or if they are good in the store.  Odds are pretty good that your child will even forget about most of those “I want it” items before you’re even checking out at Target, if you can just get to that checkout line in peace. Parents tend to know what items will have long lasting playability for their kids and what items will be discarded to the side after 5 minutes.  Kids just see the brand new Frozen 2 doll, the collectible Star Wars figurine, the super hard Lego set, or the millionth stuffed animal that has a different colored spot than all the ones in the house.   Just go ahead and take that picture.  Ham it up.  Point out the best part.  Decide who you should text the photo to (which also works wonders for helping relatives know what to buy as gifts) and send it. Then put it back and walk away. Christmas time can be hard for little ones who don’t always understand why so many cool things are just out of their reach at the store.  All the colors, lights, and noise can be overwhelming to little eyes and ears. Instead of arguing or fighting in the store, why not just take a photo and enjoy the rest of a much more peaceful shopping trip? Plus, it gives you something to reference back to when needing to shop for gifts. I think this little hack is pure GENIUS. Everyone wins.

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