The Write Stuff Summer Writing Camp

Seriously, why go to a summer writing camp?  I mean it’s summer!

But you know what?  Writing is FUN!!  It doesn’t have to be paragraphs and essays and work, work, work.

Teaching children the tools to craft their own story allows them to become masters of their imagination, teaches them to communicate better, helps them capture ideas, and develops confidence.

Writing strengthens speech, vocabulary and sentence construction, but it also teaches skills like decision making and problem solving.   In addition, writing a story allows kids to explore their own feelings about situations and consider other peoples ™ circumstances.

The Write Stuff Summer Writing Camp offers writing camps to get kids fired up about writing (the last session runs the week of August 16th, just in time to get kids jazzed about school!).

Every story has a hero or heroine, someone who's on a journey, fighting the good fight, and who must overcome obstacle after obstacle before he or she triumphs!  Look at Percy Jackson.  He's a great example of a hero.  And Mulan is a perfect example of a heroine.  We ™ll look at these heroes and heroines and create our own!

Storytelling is filled with dark forces and characters we love to hiss and boo at. Delve into the world of villains and understand the motivations that make them so evil and complex! You ™ll choose a dark and dastardly character and work to capture his/her voice and perspectives. Darth Vader wasn't really all that bad, was he?

Once upon a time fairy tales were predictable; but at The Write Stuff, fascinating twists and turns can occur in the story!  We might pretzel  those plots by scripting ebay ads for glass slippers, or creating recipe books for gingerbread-house-dwelling witches. We ™ll make animals talk and give stories a twist.   Wizards, gnomes, fire-eaters, unicorns and other characters flung from afar in your imagination are welcome.  Imaginations required!

Do the slithering serpents atop Medusa's head truly turn men to stone? Just what's with the symbolism of Pandora's Box? Greek myths explain life's mysteries.  We might create our own mythologies, fraught with heroes, monsters and enchanted lands.

Do it at The Write Stuff, or do it at home.  But keep those kids writing this summer!


  1. My daughter (11) and a friend both attended Misa’s camp a few weeks back and THEY LOVED IT! When I told my daughter I’d signed her up for it she groaned, “Aw, MOM! Seriously?” and after the first day she was hooked. Couldn’t wait to go each day, came home with stories about how much fun she had.

    And she wrote a killer story to boot.

    Thanks, Misa!

  2. Ah, thanks, Pam! I had SO much fun with Bridgett! In fact, I would love a copy of her story to post on the website. I started a new section with the kids’ stories so friends and family can read them. I put them in pdf form.

    This is the link:

    Wish she could come back for another session…she’s an amazing writer and such a sweet girl!

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  4. Renee Willis says:

    I think the idea is great and absolutely agree with you and support. This could be a nice way to show children that writing process may be easy and fun. In a friendly atmosphere with nice and creative writing stuff, it is a chance for pupils to learn some writing tips and other valuable skills in writing.

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