Just a roll of the parenting dice

Sometimes I feel like motherhood is all a game of chance, a simple roll of the dice. Sure I can spend my spare hours reading parenting books, browsing mommy chat rooms, all in an attempt to figure out how to be the best mom ever.  I can TiVo “Dr. Phil” and watch disciple technique videos in the evenings.

Realistically, this whole mothering gig is really just a game of chance. A mere roll of the dice to see what is gonna be loved by the children at that moment and what is going to invoke a full-fledged tantrum. Parenting books, sage advice, and behavior techniques are all well and good.   However, they often leave out that tiny detail of how a lot of parenting is left to chance.
In my house, chances are….
…if I tell my children we can go bike  riding at the park, it will rain all day for the first time in months.
…if one kid is excited to run an errand, the other kid will bemoan the fact that we never just stay at home.
…if I plan a quiet morning at home, someone will complain that we never go anywhere.
…if I snap a picture of a genuine smile from my child, there will be an iron and ironing board in the background…
…if my my three year old refers to “spending the night” as “visit the night”, then I will encourage the use of said phrase until she is at least 12 years old.
…if one child is excited about what I cooked for dinner, the other will dramatically cry during the entire  course of the meal
…if I pull out the play doh, at least one child will sit in it and the other will step in it.
…if I wash and change the linens on the children’s bed, someone’s pull-up will leak the very next time they go to bed.
…if we arrive early in hopes of beating the crowds to the community pool for a fun day in the sun, three daycare buses will pull into the parking lot  right behind us.

 chances are
How would you finish the “Chances are…” phrase?


  1. If your child finally gets a much-needed break from sports practices and camps, all of his friends are out of town.

    The minute you get your house reasonably picked up, half the neighborhood kids show up at your door wanting to play.

    Next? 😉

  2. Mindy Howard says:

    if I treat the kids to a pancake lunch, one will cry because she would rather have pizza.

    if I have a rare chance to sleep in, the baby will become wretchedly ill at 5a.m., requiring me to hit the deck in full force

    if I have a babysitter to go run kid-free errands, the car will die and I will spend the day at the repair shop

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