A day in Fort Worth, Texas

I got word a month or so ago that Mona from Moxie Media wanted to stop by for a visit. It appears she is traveling the country this week and needed a place to stay in Texas. I offered my purse as accommodations and thought I would show her around.

Holly has been stalked by Mona

I decided to take her on my favorite day trip to Fort Worth.   It is a little bit of country tucked into the city…

Mona and the Log Cabin Village SignWe headed out to Log Cabin Village.

Mona and the water wheelMona seemed to enjoy the sights.   At the mill she learned how to make corn and wheat into meal.

Mona and the herb houseShe took particular interest in the herb drying house.   I think she was more interested in it as real estate than a history lesson.

Mona gathers eggsDespite her slightly high maintenance ways, she was a good sport and attempted fake egg gathering from faux-chickens.

Mona in the swimming poolThe make-shift swimming pool seemed to be more her speed.

Mona in the jacuzzi pumpFollowed by a soak in the fresh water jacuzzi.

Mona napsAnd then a nap.

Seriously, she flew all the way out here to nap?

I have the solution…

Mona with coffee cupa stop at Ol’ South Pancake House.

Ol' South Pancake House german pancake with lemonAn Ol’ South favorite, German Pancakes for lunch which are prepared at the table with fresh lemon and powdered sugar should do the trick.

Mona and the german pancakeShe was revived.

She was inspired.

She sneaked back into Log Cabin Village…

Mona climbs the stairsand put a down payment on a little property…

Mona's Dream CabinMona’s Dream Cabin.

She has to resume her travel this week.

But after her whirlwind Moxie Media tour, she will be back for some old fashioned relaxation in her Dream Cabin in the woods within walking distance of some of the world’s best pancakes.


  1. Oh my god I am drooling over those pancakes right now. Ok, my next trip is to Texas, you’ve got a spare bedroom right?

    (Awesome pics!!)

  2. Is it just me, or doesn’t Mona look like a blow up doll in some of these photos…. Probably just me.

  3. O-M-G…I am laughing so hard right now! FAB job on the excursion with Mona…who knew she was so photogenic???

  4. Looks like Mona is having a great time today, thanks for sharing your visit with us.

  5. you are so creative…loved all the pics and I really wanna visit that log cabin place!

  6. That Mona. She hides those pancakes so well….

  7. this is so funny… and yum @ the pancakes!

  8. Um, I think I am booking my flight to Texas. Prepare yourself. After seeing that Swedish Pancake, how can I resist? Plus, I am going to want to see Mona’s new digs in person. I am just hoping that she has an in-law unit large enough to accommodate me and my kids.

    Thanks for showing Mona such a fantastic time, Holly. You are the best.

  9. Seriously…that pancake!!! I’m starving and I’m pretty sure that would do the trick right about now.

    Mona was sneaky when I took her to Starbucks too. 🙂

  10. Those damn pancakes have me literally salivating over here!! And the Log Cabin Village looks so cool. I’m packing my bags- are you ready?! 🙂

  11. I want to jump right through the computer right now and eat that German Pancake. LOOKS amazing. And, the museum looks so great. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sites like that.

  12. Gee whiz! Look at those pancakes!! I love Mona’s dream cabin. It’s perfect for her. But I might have a problem when coming to visit her. I don’t know if there’s room for me in there.

  13. SO glad Mona got to hang with you in Texas. And now? I totally want me some cheese blintzes from Old South.

  14. Shucks, I can’t see some of the pics. But I do love her log cabin. I want one for myself!!!!!!!!!

  15. We’re so pleased that Mona enjoyed her stay here at the Village. I hope that she understands that our frontier time period cannot accommodate her invisible jet. Hopefully she’ll still be willing to put an offer in on the dream cabin!

    Thanks again for visiting. We loved having y’all!

    Take care,
    Rena Lawrence, Museum Educator
    Log Cabin Village

  16. P.S. You might want to warn her that Flat Stanley has his eye on the place…

  17. You mean I have to come all the way to Texas for those pancakes?? Not fair! I wonder if they ship well???

  18. geez! By the time she gets to my place she’s gonna need some lipo!

  19. Wow! What a fun place to visit. I want to take my kid : ) So glad Mona got to go! I hope her redesigning and decorating plans for her new abode work out splendidly!

  20. Who knew Mona was so high maintenance?! But I bet she’d do anything for those pancakes!!

  21. Oh man, I NEED some of those pancakes! They look so good!

  22. That is so fun! Reminds me of Flat Stanley (kids book). I am sure she had a wonderful time hanging with you!

    OMG, I just read Untypically Jia’s comment! Too funny!

  23. I am immensely jealous of Mona. I LOVE German Pancakes. I think I need to make some this weekend.

  24. That pancake is the size of a life raft – and I so want it!

  25. That Mona sure does get around, doesn’t she? LOL. Thanks for the laugh

  26. What a fun day for you and for Mona! I love that you took Wonder Woman, a NYC native, to the rustic Fort Worth! 🙂 Very fun!

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