The Little House on The Prairie Musical

When I was a kid I didn’t really go tot he theater that often, but it’s something I always thought was really cool. I try to take the daughter as often as possible.

You know, so she’ll be cultured and such. 🙂

We have season tickets to the Casa Manana Children’s theater, and have never missed a show. They always make me smile, and this year the production quality went way up, so I really enjoy the plays that much more.

But, it’s nothing compared to seeing a play at the Bass Performance Hall. We took the daughter to see the most fantastic play there: The Little House on the Prairie Musical.

We had a blast, the actors were amazing. Especially the girl who played Laura (Kara Lindsay). Seriously, that girl knocked it out of the park. Her voice was phenomenal, she got laughs from the audience in all the right places, and she made me want to homestead on the prairie. (Or, you know, watch a movie about homesteading the prairie.)

The best part of the evening? I got to give my first ever standing ovation. They totally deserved it too. It’s really cool watching an entire theater rise to their feet in honor of someone’s art.    

Although Little House on the Praire has moved on to other venues, Casa Manana has many more productions set for the 2010/2011 season. Check out their Broadway schedule here and their children’s theater schedule here.

So, have you ever been a part of an audience that gave a standing ovation? Have you ever been given one?

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