1924062051_e8a4139cfb_mHave a printer?   That’s all you’ll need to make these lovely learning cards.   Mom, Jo, created them to help her kids learn the differences between living and non-living things.   These are great for discussing the differences between different animals too! … Here is a link to the images.   Jo has created 28 different cards for our kids to learn with!   We   suggest printing them with cardstock and then laminating them with packing tape – they’ll be more durable that way! … Learning activities you can do with the cards:
  • Have your child sort the living from the non-living.
  • Separate the mammals from the insects from the plants.
  • Take the cards and separate the ones that move.   Discuss how some things move but are not alive (car) while other things do not move (tree) but are alive.
  • Theorize about how each living thing gets nutrition, compare and contrast the animals mouths.
  • Sort the items by size.   Which items are the biggest, which are the smallest?
  • Make a mini-group and ask your child to look at the cards.   Have them close their eyes and remove a card.   Which living or non-living thing was removed?
… Thanks Jo for granting us permission to feature your cards.   Here is a link to all of her card sets, her family blog, and her Etsy store where she makes and creates many Montessori-based learning aids.

This activity is part of our Animal Learning Series.   For more click the link:


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  1. These cards are great. I used to use something like this as a lesson when I was a Kindergarten Teacher. If you are on a budget, pictures from a magazine work great too!