Look, I love McDonald’s just as much as the next guy but eating it late-night disagrees with my stomach. For some, the late-night McDonald’s cravings are REAL and that’s why many locations have a pretty extensive late-night menu. If you’re one of the frequent late-night diners, you might want to know that McDonald’s Is Cutting Back On Their Late-Night Menu but It’s Not Why You Think…

McDonald’s Is Cutting Back On Their Late-Night Menu, It’s Not Why You Think

When I first read about the changes, I completely thought it was because McDonald’s was going to make some “eat healthier” intiative. Ya know, because eating late at night is bad for your metabolism (or so we are told). But nope, that isn’t the reason. Starting April 30, McDonald’s is cutting back on their late-night menu and offering less options. Yes, the traditional cravings menu as I like to call it, like the Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, fries and other sides, will still be available. Available items will include:
  • Big Mac®
  • 100% fresh beef Quarter Pounder®* burgers** 
  • Chicken McNuggets®
  • All Day Breakfast
  • World Famous Fries® and all other sides
  • Sweets & Treats
  • Happy Meal® 
  • McCafé® and beverages
If you happen to be craving a Filet-O-Fish you’ll have to get it before midnight as that will NOT be one of the late-night menu offerings. So, why the change? In an interview the company said the changes were made because:
“We always want our customers’ experiences to be simple, smooth and delicious – any time of day. That means, day and night, we’re always looking for ways to serve them even better.” (Source)
Yup, they are making these changes so when your midnight craving for some salty, fresh fries come on, you can satisfy that craving much faster. So, efficiency over healthiness, I guess I can be on board with that…

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