How to collapse matter

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  1. It sounds like I’m the only hippie/cheapskate mom who a) scours Goodwill for school supplies people ditched and b) otherwise ignores ridiculous requests until the teacher actually contacts me, explaining why they’re really necessary. The last couple of years I busted around to find crazy-sounding items that my kids tell me they never even used…

    As a teacher, I find it far far easier to either grab the few things I think my classes/students will require or improvise with what kids already have. Less is more and life gets simpler.

  2. Hilarious and smart.
    You know what is so odd about this? In theory we don’t even need textbooks and notebooks with laptops and kindle and … but it might just take a generation for the technology in the games to catch up to the techology in the schools.
    (sorry. I’m off my soap box. I should have just stopped at, “how funny.”)

  3. Our school now does online school supply orders. It has been great! I add my child, grade, credit card info. and it is there on my child’s desk the first day of school! I LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Oh my aching back! That’s a lot of stuff. Do your kids need to have ear buds? The kids here do, we’re assuming it’s for when they are using the computers, or maybe the school is handing out MP3 players. Yeah, I’m sure that’s it.

  5. Brilliant. Illustrates exactly what I have been feeling this week.

    Now I need you to illustrate The Great Las Cruces Wide Ruled Filler Paper Famine of 2009. Walmart has no filler paper at all (and I have been checking for 3 weeks), big box office stores have only college ruled. I managed to snap up the last six packs of wide ruled at Big Lots yesterday, but am still four short. What gives???

  6. I missed that lecture too! Oh, how I dread the school supply shopping. And, this year I have to shop for 4. School starts in 8 days…I’ve done none. (Cue drumroll of doom…)

    And I haven’t even brought up what a small fortune that stuff costs!!!