Off to the races

Recently  I was invited by Chevrolet to the Texas Motor Speedway for the races.

I live about ten minutes from the Speedway, but I’ve never been inside. I think my favorite part was the midway. Who knew they had their own mini fair?!?

My favorite part about the races is that everyone was giving away hats. You see, I love hats, even if I look like a goofball in them.

We were supposed to get to drive the drivers around the track. How cool would that have been? Unfortunately, we got rained out, and the races were canceled.

But, Chevrolet still took care of us. They fed us, gave us cool stuff, and just made sure we had a good time.

So, even though we got rained out and didn’t get to see any actual races… Chevrolet took care of us, and we had a blast!

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