I Don’t Need To Be Involved In My Kid’s Play

There’s some sort of movement right now that moms need to be involved with their kids all the time. That they need to get down on the floor with them and play.


Why Kids Need To Play Alone


That you need to guide and direct the crafts and activities they are doing to help them be smarter, more amazing grown-ups. 

Well, I am here to tell you that this is wrong.

Mother And Two Children In Playroom


Let your kids lay on their own. Let your kids make their own games. Let your kids USE THEIR OWN MINDS. 

Stop trying to tell them how to play.

Mother And Son Play With Constructor Blocks. Mom And Kid Racing


I am not saying don’t ever play with your kids, or don’t hang out with them. But, I am saying that you need to let THEM control the majority of their play time. You need to let them explore their own imaginations. 

You aren’t teaching critical thinking skills when you solve problems for them like how to build a block tower.

Child Playing With Toy Blocks. Toys For Kids.


You aren’t teaching kids to use their imagination by playing my little pony with them and driving the story. 

You aren’t teaching creativity when you force children to color the trees green and the sky blue. 

Child Coloring


WALK AWAY.  Toss some playdough on a table and walk away.

Don’t lose your poop when they mix the playdough colors together. Let them DO IT.


Oh, it’s going to be a mess. And they are going to need your help cleaning it up. But THAT is what you are here for. You are here to show them those life skills, not to guide their play. 

Let your kids guide themselves through the play. Let your kids get messy. Let them color outside the lines, and let them think for themselves. 

finger painting


That’s how you grow geniuses. 

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