Learning About the Body

  1. Body outlines in chalk outside.   Can you make your body do jumping jacks?   Form a letter?
  2. Shaving cream in the bathtub, paint your body “ rinse off afterward.
  3. Label your body parts with a marker.   Take a bath and scrub the areas you labeled – helps increase word association.
  4. Make hand or foot prints with paint
  5. Make sand casts of various body parts
  6. Make a model arm with recycled materials from around your house.
  7. Find a big mirror and color parts  with a dry erase marker
  8. Make and play with paper dolls
  9. Use butcher paper and trace your body.   Cut your body parts off (make a head, torso, leg, etc.) and reattach with paper fasteners.   Now you have a body puppet.   Variation: Make a smaller marionette out of cardboard instead of using butcher paper and make a smaller one.
  10. Roll a dice labeled with body parts and race to touch that body part.
  11. Play musical body games

Body Thememore themes…

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