As we approach Easter Sunday, I thought we should celebrate the resurrection of our Savior by making Rice Krispie-shaped Easter eggs. I kid, I kid. We all know rice krispie treats were not at the empty tomb. Anyway, I thought a little Easter fun this morning would be great and considering my kids love marshmallows, love Rice Krispies, and love group projects we would have a swell ole time. Wrong. Things were going great…after I explained what a Rice Krispy treat actually is because both children looked confused when I introduced the project….as we set off on this culinary adventure. We counted marshmallows, poured cups of cereal,and watched Mommy slave over a hot pot of butter and white goo. See what happy campers I had?Then it was time to actually form the sticky mixture into egg shaped treats. I made the mistake of saying, “It’s kind-of like warm play-doh.” This was the statement that completely derailed our project time. Isaac stated he would just rather play play-doh and Evelyn piped in that she wanted to play play-doh. All interest in the rice krispy treats was gone. In fact, no one even wanted to sample the gooey mess. Since it was only 8:45am (notice children are still pajama-clad in the above picture), I decided not to press the issue. Truth be known, I detest rice krispy treats so I was not too excited about this little Easter project my own self. I told the kids once they cleaned up their areas, they were free to pull out the play-doh (such a great toy…such a horrible mess. That is another post all in itself). I smooshed the gooey mess into a cake pan and cleaned up my own area, making a mental note that rice krispy treats are not a preferred activity here at casa de phillips. The highlight of the morning? When Mommy allowed the children to use the camera. Here are the photos:
Isaac’s picture of Mommy with the abandoned bowl of mush
(the humidity has done horrors to my hair today)
Isaac’s picture of Evelyn
(she actually posed the cup on her face…don’t see Baby Gap contacting us for any modeling gigs anytime soon)
Evelyn’s picture of Isaac (note the cute little thumb in the top corner)
As for the rice krispy treats, no one has yet to be interested in them. They currently sit on a paper plate in the middle of my kitchen table. Tomorrow we are having new kitchen counter tops installed. Think I can get a 10% discount if I offer up some yummy cereal treats to the crew? (Want to attempt this project with your own kids? Check it out here)

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  1. OMG I looooove Rice Krispy Treats. Seems like my son wants me to make them, and we do, and he eats ONE and then I pick at the entire rest of the pan. They are sooooo good….