All ‘Art’ Classes Are Not Created Equal.  Knowing What To Ask is half the battle in helping you choose what’s best for your family’s needs.

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Your search should start with a goal in mind. The answer may seem simplistic, but what you should be looking for is an art program that helps your child to develop his or her creativity. One of the most famous woman painters of our time was Georgia O ™Keefe. Early in her career, she became discouraged and decided to destroy all of her work because she felt that each piece was created to satisfy someone else's style or idea of how her art should be, rather than her own. There's a lesson to be learned here: children need to be encouraged to create art in their own way. Art is proven to have great benefits for children; the right program can ignite the imagination and expose children to a wide range of ideas, skills and art forms. Studies have proven that children who regularly participate in a comprehensive art program are more likely to achieve success, both academically and through the arts, and they are also proven to become better problem-solvers. Do’s & Dont’s of Art related activities:
  •  Do provide lots of paper, paints, markers and other art supplies
  • Don't judge a child's artwork
  • Do encourage experimentation
  • Don't ask what a child's artwork is but rather how he/she produced it
With summer coming around the corner, art camp is a good idea for your budding artist, or even the child who’s creativity might need some coaxing.   When deciding on the right art camp or class, ask the instructor for the format of the class, what will be discussed, and the expected outcome of the class.   Some art classes and camps will focus on drawing, others on a particular medium or artist, others are simply designed to be fun.   However, be aware that crafts are also often advertised as an art class.   While completing crafts has a value, ask to see if the projects are tied to any art education objectives. Look for what your child is interested in and then ask questions to make sure the quality of the program meets your needs.   The art experience is one that children remember for their lifetime.
She Is Dallas info: Abrakadoodle has been operating in the Dallas Area since 2004 and under the ownership of Dave and Erin Coates of Frisco since 2005.   The program continues to bring high quality, art education classes to students through host facilities such as public and private schools, recreation centers, churches, YMCA’s, and other facilities.     Abrakadoodle uses safe, high quality art materials in its classes in partnership with Crayola ®.     For more information about  Abrakadoole’s art classes, please visit their website.

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