Every mom knows the importance of a healthy lunch at school. But after figuring out what in the world my kids are going to eat for breakfast in the morning and dinner at night, I can feel a little disconnected from lunch since it happens away from home while the kids are in school.

What should be a simple task, somehow turns into a chore after just a few days of my kids being back in school every year. I am always on the hunt for easy school lunches my kids will love that I can make without difficulty — or even teach my kids to make themselves.

Easy School Lunches Kids Love

Easy School Lunches Kids Love

Thankfully, our friends at Borden® Cheese understand the balance between delicious, kid-friendly lunch and nutritious food. Wholesome and creamy, my kids don’t even care that it is good for them — they just love that it tastes so good.

Our kids eat lunch super early at school. Last year, I even had one kid eat at 10:40 in the morning. <– Does that even qualify as lunch? That is brunch at best.

Our number one lunchbox main dish is a ham and cheese sandwich with fresh fruit and Borden® Cheese. It has enough protein to keep the kids satisfied until dinner, with a creamy cheesy taste they can’t get enough of, and a healthy dose of calcium kids need to grow.

Their cheesy lunches look different every day — from a traditional ham and cheese sandwich with apples and cucumbers to a spinach wrap with ham, cheese and lettuce with a couple of mandarin oranges. My teenage daughter loves to take an everything bagel with an egg or two, sliced tomatoes, and a couple of pieces of Borden® Cheese.

Easy School Lunches Kids Love

Familiar, Delicious Flavors Make Easy School Lunches For Kids

Perhaps that is the real lesson in packing lunches, keeping the familiar flavors your kids love in the lunchbox, while changing up the delivery enough to keep it interesting!

To help with this, we are giving away a Lunch Love Prize Pack from Borden Cheese!

On the days that I become the extracurricular chauffeur in addition to my regular duties as mom, we grab the all-new Borden® Cheese Snack Bars for the car. My girls love the taste and I love that they are quick (and tidy enough to eat in the car without a mess!)

My teenage daughter is a cross country runner, so I always grab cheese sticks and apple slices for her when I pick her up after practice. They make great after-workout fuel in addition to a great lunch. She is so hungry after running that she needs to eat right away. And having a healthy meal for her right after practice saves us from the temptation to eat anything in sight rather than food that will actually fuel her.

Easy School Lunches Kids Love

For more information about Borden® Cheese and about a million ideas for school lunches and after school snacks, check them out at BordenCheese.com, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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