LookyBook: Bibliovores Beware!

Thanks to my friend Chandra, I found the greatest website called LookyBook and it is soon to become a favorite site of yours, I’m sure!

Books feature

LookyBook allows you to click your way through children’s books with great detail. Enough to read the book yourself & see if it’s worth buying. Enough to even share with your child online & not have to buy the book! If you click on the little orange eyes at the top right corner of each book, it will take you to the LookyBook website to see a larger version of the story!

What a fantastic resource to have on hand! Granted, they don’t have some children’s titles. My first two searches for Where The Wild Things Are and Shel Silverstein came up empty.

BUT…there are tons of ideas they offer you, as well as a nifty search box that turned up great books when I searched for “insects” and “family.”

I looooove Patricia Pollaco!

Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is coming up on February 12th. No luck finding a book at the library…everyone already checked them out? No worries! Check LookyBook

Working on a seed study, but not sure if a Gail Gibbons book is too young for your kiddo? Flip through it, give it a look…see if it’s a good fit!

I am so excited about this website! What a wonderful resource…thank you Chandra for sharing it!

When Heather isn’t snuggling on the couch reading books with her son, she can be found sharing homeschool stories at Reese’s View Of The World.


  1. I am going to look into this. I love the idea of flipping through a book before making a decision which is so hard to do on Amazon.com.

  2. If you visit the blog link at the bottom, you can find the original post on my blog with lots of embedded examples of LookyBook!

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