What's In Your Blood?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we have been talking about your heart & your blood and how important both are in your body!     We decided to make some of our own “blood” showing the various components.   We also talked about the job of each component & I was glad when my 6 year old was able to tell Daddy about each part!

blood learning activity

You’ll need:

1 jar with yellow-colored water (plasma: the part of your blood that carries food)

1 jar with marshmallows (white blood cells: the germ killers)

1 jar with Cheerios (red blood cells: carry oxygen around the body)

puffy pompom balls or something similar (platelets: stop the bleeding when you cut yourself)

red food coloring (to color your blood red)

salt (to represent salt & other minerals found in blood)

blood learning activity for kids

As we added each part of different kind of cell to the yellow plasma we talked about the job of each one.   Our “blood” turned cloudy because I used Frosted Cheerios 🙂

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  1. What an awesome and hands-on way to teach the components of blood! Wish we’d done this in nursing school! 🙂

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