Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

We started the homeschool co-op a year and half ago.

It is an educational playgroup that meets weekly and whoever is hosting creates the lesson or field trip based on what they excel at, are interested in or a whim! This week I subbed in for someone on short notice and was feeling very proud of myself for remembering that the library had pre-pakaged lessons (we found this out on a library tour through the co-op) and so I went and picked out the WINTER one. It had 5 books, some activities, a puzzle and some stuffed animals that went along with one of the books. I was feeling quite organized and proud until I went to get my email and received notice that another group (one WE started a few months ago) was “studying” snow on Friday and had rented a snow machine! Wow. So instead of sulking, we had our fun lesson on Wed. (see picture from Wednesday below) and then we all crashed their snow party today. What fun. The snow was actually big blobs of bubbles and the kids just went crazy. The moms took advantage of the huge photo op.

Speaking of snow, I learned on Wednesday that only 2/5 Texas SAHMs know how to cut out paper snowflakes! I spent a better part of my childhood doing this so I was quite shocked. I guess there is a link between growing up in a cold climate and the ability to cut tissue paper into works of white art.


  1. Not able to cut out snowflakes??? Now I know what’s wrong with this country. I’m sure this isn’t just a problem in Texas — I’m sure Georgia is littered with non-snow-flake cutting SAHMS!

  2. Happy Campers says:

    🙂 My snowflake from Wednesday is proudly taped to the fridge. I’ve never used tissue paper to make a snowflake & the paper made a BIG difference. I still laugh at Tammy’s square snowflakes & how she could never get hers round 🙂 Life is precious…

  3. Jodi–it makes me scared for our future…

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