Inside the Box

This Christmas we had a good laugh, thanks to my sister and her Decoy Gift Boxes .   If you don't know about these, you are missing out.   My sister found these at The Onion and used the boxes to place her real gift inside.   Her first victim was her father-in-law. I don't recall what the real gift inside was, but the decoy gift box she used was the Kleen Stride. A personal debris removal system – because debris is always in season!   I can only imagine his reaction when he read you can clean your way to sculpted calves and they are great for back pain sufferers !     My sister said he looked at the box and told her it looked interesting, but he didn't open the box. The poor victim didn't realize the real gift was inside! She finally coaxed him into opening the box, since everyone wanted to see how the Kleen Stride worked.   Then, they all got a good laugh!


Victim #2 was my hubby and she picked out the perfect decoy gift box for him “ a USB Toaster! The perfect gift for an IT person that is always on the computer.   When you need fuel but don't want to waste time getting something to eat, just pop a piece of bread in your USB Toaster.   It only takes 30 minutes for 4 pieces of toast! Hubby fell for it and even told us one of his co-workers had one.   We finally convinced him to show us the toaster and   we all had a good laugh! My sister shared her discovery of the decoy gift boxes and showed us the flyer with the different gift box options.


I am about to place my order for the gift box set (shown above) and a few of the newest decoy boxes ¦ the Coffee-Talkies! I can assure you that I will use this at the next White Elephant Gift Exchange.   I may even decide to use one when a friends birthday comes around.   The thought of one particular friend receiving this for her birthday, is making me laugh out loud now!



  1. These are hysterical! Can’t wait to use some, LOL! Thanks for sharing.

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