Color restriction

I am a huge fan of play-doh.

Holly Play-doh

I love the fun.

I love the creative process.

I love the smell…

Except I distinctly remember that it smelled MUCH better in the 1970s, but it still smells good.   So good that they invented Play-doh perfume*.   So good that it is out of stock.


Over the years we have accumulated a lot of the play-doh toys: cookie cutters, rollers, a jig-saw, a farm, a volcano, molds, etc.   Over the years we accumulated a lot of play-doh which I would dole out ONE color at a time to my children.

ONE color at a time?

I never really thought about it.   It was just how I started doing things when Ryan was little.

Well, recently I noticed that we were down to just a few jars of partially hydrogenated play-doh (I don’t know what that means, but it flows really well).

We had many more toys than actual molding clay.

So, I made the BIG purchase of the 24 color pack at Target the other day.

So many colors, so little time.

The boys wanted to play with more than one color at a time.   I wanted to play with more than one color at a time.   And so I handed out *gasp* two colors to each boy for a combined play-doh color total of 6.

It was then that Ryan stated (loudly – the loudly is always implied with Ryan):

Don’t mix the colors!   It will make the play-doh hard and you won’t be able to play.


You can’t mix the colors, it will ruin the play-doh.

I am going to have a LOT to explain to his future therapist.

*Thanks to Jennifer for letting me know about the perfume.   I am hoping they get restocked soon…in the meantime I am going to wear the cologne that smells like glue.


  1. I bet that if you wear the perfume the Nirvana Dynasty will definitely end with 3 boys. The glue has been working for ya though.

  2. I’m so in for the play-doh perfume. I loved the smell when I was a kid. Yeah, ok, so maybe I still love the smell. Don’t judge! LOL

  3. One colour at a time! Brilliant. We always end up with beige playdoh because my boys mix all the colours together. It’s a nasty shade, but still fun.

  4. That’s so funny! We’ve ALWAYS been really particular about not mixing the Play-doh colors. If you do then your colors get ruined and I just can’t handle that. Does that make me a little anal? Maybe. Am I holding my kids back from their full creative potential? Maybe. But it’s just not right. All Play-doh must find its way back to its proper colored container at the end of the day. And don’t even think about mixing up the colored lids!

  5. You are brilliant! I can’t tell you how much beige-y/gray play-doh we have.

    I view part of our job as mothers to be creating those little quirks that some future woman will find endearing – or infuriating.

  6. Play-doh perfume – who knew?

    I don’t like getting the colors mixed up either but I am inspired by your post. I think I will get some and let them use their creativity and add it to Camp Cammie!

    OK, the snake represented in your name? Hmmm… it is very cute, but should I be concerned about that? hehehehe

  7. Play-doh reminds me of rainy summer days because that’s what the kids would pull out to play with.

    I ended up finding pieces of it all over the house, even though they weren’t allowed to leave the kitchen table with it!

    And I just hate when you mix the colors and it gets hard!!!

  8. On the other hand, it does kind of ruin the play-doh to mix the colors because then you have 24 tubs of brown. So he’s not completely wrong.

  9. Imagine… Holly’s Animated Life, Play-Doh Edition!

    When Play-Doh turned 50, they had 50-packs of tiny containers. Yes, 50 colors. I nearly flipped out. I bought two, one for each girl. I dole out 3 colors at a time. (I think 6, total, must be the household limit!)

  10. You HAVE to get the BLACK! Did your set have the black? It’s jet black, inky black. I love it.

    Always freaked about mixing colors and then thought, “What?? Mix those damn colors!!” It’s cool and you can always buy more.

    big smile on play-doh

  11. If you go to you can find many recipes for playdough you make yourself. There’s one that uses unsweetened Kool Aid ( a chance to make incredible flavors) and others that use coffee and cinnamon. Try mixing the last 2 together. Unbelievable.

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