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Trisha is a stay at home mom to her 3-year old son, Aiden. She writes about their adventures at Inspiration Laboratories, a blog dedicated to encouraging learning through creativity and play. Trisha is an educator with a passion for science literacy. It is never too early to start encouraging science learning (or any kind of learning for that matter). Follow along on Facebook, Twitter as @inspire_labs, Google+, and Pinterest.

Make an Easter Egg {Fun Easter Craft for Preschool}

egg stamping craft for preschoolers - Kids Activities Blog

Young children will love to make an Easter egg with this fun idea.  This simple Easter craft for preschool or toddler ages finds a fun new use for all those plastic Easter eggs you may have lying around the house.  We love to find new ways to reuse old items at Kids Activities Blog. Make […]

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{Halloween Activities} Glowing in the Dark Cards

make glow in the dark cards - Kids Activities Blog

Halloween activities like this are sure to be a hit with the kids.  Make spooky glowing in the dark invitations or cards!  Kids love all things that glow so Kids Activities Blog is super excited to share this fun idea with you! Halloween Activities Make Glow in the Dark Cards! Gather the following supplies: glow […]

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Map Reading Fun with “X Marks the Spot”

Map Reading for Kids on Kids Activities Blog

Practice map reading skills at the playground! I did this activity with my almost 3 year old, but it will work for older kids just as well. Learning map skills through this fun learning activity can translate to bigger things in the future. Map Reading Skills for Kids The first time I ever made a […]

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Easy {and Fun} Catapult for Kids to Make


A catapult for kids to make is what we are featuring today!  What kid doesn’t want to launch something across the room? Build a catapult to develop this love even more. Kids Activities Blog hopes your kids love this activity as much as our own do. Catapult for Kids to Make Before building our craft […]

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My Plate {Healthy Eating for Kids}

My Plate {Healthy Eating for Kids}

My Plate is a set of nutrition guidelines developed by the USDA.  The goal is to encourage healthy eating for kids by helping you and your kids create a balanced and nutritious plate of food each meal.  Introduce My Plate to your kids through a fun pretend play activity. My Plate I’ve talked about developing healthy […]

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Chemical Reactions for Kids: Baking Soda Experiment

Chemical Reactions for Kids: Baking Soda Experiment

Mixing together ingredients used in cooking is a safe and fun way to explore chemical reactions for kids. This baking soda experiment gives you an example of the possibilities. Kids Activities Blog hopes you enjoy this little experiment as much as your kids will. Chemical Reactions for Kids Supplies Needed: Different edible liquids from the […]

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Map Game: Following Directions Grid Game {Map Skills Activities}

Map Game for Kids: Following Directions Grid Game {Map Skills Activities}

A map game can help your child learn the important life skill of map reading. This fun activity combines following directions with map skills activities. We at Kids Activities Blog love great kids activities like this that get kids moving while teaching them concepts they need to learn. Map Game The goal of this map […]

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Static Electricity {Fun Balloon Experiment for Kids}

Static Electricity Science Experiment for Kids

Have a little fun with static electricity.  Your kids will love this easy balloon experiment that demonstrates how static works. Kids Activities Blog hopes this experiment sparks your child’s scientific curiosity about static electricity. Static Electricity Rebecca explained to us what static electricity is and showed us some ways we can observe it. Basically, it’s […]

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Math Games {Preschool}: Basic Shapes Counting Game

Math games for Preschoolers: Counting game to make a collage

Math games make learning fun.  Here’s a fun way to work with basic shapes while practicing counting. In the end, this fun counting game will make a cool piece of art. Kids Activities Blog likes this game because it combines rolling dice (kids love this!), counting, shapes, colors, and art – all in one! Math […]

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Phonemic Awareness Activities Make Early Reading Skills Playful

Alphabet Shopping

Phonemic awareness is a really important part of early reading skills.  Using phonemic awareness activities with kids can make learning to read a fun and playful experience. Kids Activities Blog believes that learning should ALWAYS include play.  That is one of the reasons why we love this phonemic awareness activity that can really be a […]

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Easter Activity: Color Sort Easter Eggs for Preschoolers

Easter Activity - Color Sort Easter Eggs

This Easter activity practices fine motor skills, color sorting, and early literacy skills.  Kids will have fun with these color sort activities especially when colorful pom poms are used for Easter eggs.  Stay tuned to Kids Activities Blog for more great Easter activities for kids. Easter Activity Sorting things into groups is a form of classification. […]

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{Cool Math Games} Dominoes and a Deck of Cards

Here are some cool math games for kids that use dominoes and a deck of cards!

Grab some dominoes and a deck of cards.  These cool math games work on number recognition and counting.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we love to take items we already have around the house and use them for fun and learning. Cool Math Games If you need a quick play idea, a simple matching game using […]

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Fabric Art Work {Valentine’s Day Craft}

fabric art feature

This art work project makes a great gift for that special someone.  Plus it’s a fun way to get the kids involved in a Valentine’s Day craft, too!  Kids Activities Blog hopes your child enjoys this project for creating beautiful art work on fabric. Art Work Supplies Needed: photo frame fabric cut to the size […]

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Play Ideas From The Table {Napkin Rings}

Play Ideas

Take seemingly ordinary things around your house and turn them into play ideas and learning opportunities.  And you won’t need to look far from the table for these great activities.  Here are 7 different play ideas using napkin rings. And of course there’s some sneaky learning going on, too.  You can count on Kids Activities Blog to supply you […]

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Thinking Thursday: Mazes for Kids


Add some thinking games to your Thursday. Practice problem solving and reasoning skills while having fun with mazes for kids.  Kids Activities Blog encourages you to take a look at these a-maze-ing ideas. Kids Activity for Thursday Download these maze printables and let your kids have fun solving them. Maze Printable 1 Maze Printable 2 Mazes […]

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Homemade Christmas Gift: Paint a Shirt

homemade Christmas gift

For a sweet homemade Christmas gift that your kids can make, try this fun project.  Use fabric paint to paint a shirt with these two methods.  Kids Activities Blog loves to share cute ideas like this that lets kids customize items they might already have around the house. Homemade Christmas Gift Supplies shirt {or other […]

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{Festive} Name Practice with Christmas Activities for Kids

christmas tree name

Name practice is important for our little ones.  Being able to recognize the letters and sequence of his/her name is a building block of reading.  What fun we had with these Christmas activities for kids turning learning into part of our holiday celebration. You know how much we love kids activities around here :). Kids […]

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December Activities: Felt Play {Winter Scene}

December activities

Are you looking for a quiet inside December activities to occupy your child? Making a winter scene with a felt play set is sure to keep your child busy for a while. You can even sneak in a little learning, too.  We love sneaky learning at Kids Activities Blog! December Activities We’ve been playing with […]

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{Get Kids Moving} Thanksgiving Games

Thanksgiving games

Are you looking for Thanksgiving games to get everyone moving? Here are Thanksgiving games for kids that will provide a lot of movement. Today, at the Kids Activities Blog, we found the perfect solution for a day when the kids are stuck inside due to the cold, dreary fall weather. Thanksgiving Games Preparing Supplies Needed: different […]

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Learning Patterns with {Pretty} Fall Colors

fall colors

Fall colors are a beautiful sight to see.  Here are some fall color activities that use the changing colors of the leaves from green to yellow, red, orange, and brown to help you little one in learning patterns. We hope that Kids Activities Blog has helped you find fun ways like this to help your […]

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Halloween Math with Pumpkin Rocks

pumpkin math

Want a fun way to sneak in some Halloween math into the holiday’s festivities?  These three Halloween math activities using pumpkin rocks are sure to please.  We have so much fun with Halloween here at Kids Activities Blog! Halloween Math We recently turned some of our rock collection into pumpkin rocks. The pumpkin rocks are […]

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Printmaking: String Art

Printmaking with String Art

Printmaking Printmaking is a fun activity that can be done a lot of different ways. You can make prints from woodcuttings, carved rubber, styrofoam, and even a painting on plastic. Basically, any raised surface that can be painted or inked may be suitable for printmaking. This printmaking idea is a twist on traditional string art. […]

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Paper Activity: Shape Monsters

Shape Monsters

My son, like many kids I know, loves monsters. He likes to pretend monsters are coming over for parties. He likes to paint monsters. He was thrilled when I made him these 3D paper monsters from an origami paper cup. He had me drawing silly faces the other day. (He likes telling me what to […]

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Learning How to Measure

learning how to measure

Learning how to measure is an important science skill. Measuring is used in science data collection. Measuring is also a necessary life skill. Think about how often you measure something. You employ measuring cups in the kitchen for recipes. You use tape measures and rulers to build something or when decorating a room. Measuring may […]

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Pillow Stacking: A Physics Lesson in Balance

pillow-stacking 650x430

I am always on the lookout for ways to encourage and extend the natural learning that happens through play.  Language acquisition, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and social development are easily recognized as being developed through play. But have you ever thought of science skills and concepts as fitting naturally into play?  As children are playing, […]

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Small World Play: Build with Rocks

build with rocks

What do you do with all of the rocks your kids collect?  One idea is to build with them. Gather up as many rocks as you can find.  We found rocks of various sizes, shapes, and colors. How do you get your kids to create a play scene with little help from you?  Here are some […]

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Shapes in Nature

Finding Shapes in Nature

My son loves being outdoors – whether it’s digging in the dirt, playing in the sand, splashing in puddles, going for walks, smelling flowers, looking for wildlife, or just running around. Among his favorite activities are scavenger hunts.  We’ve enjoyed photo scavenger hunts and sound hunts.  This time we went on a hunt for shapes […]

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