Starting to Read: It’s Playtime Fun with Phonics

One of our kids learned to read fairly easily, and our other child has struggled.  I was so thankful to find these activities linked up in our weekly It’s Playtime, our Kids Meme that runs every Wednesday afternoon.  They have been a huge help with making Phonics fun for kids!

Phonics made fun

How to Read:

Word family flip chart – use 3×5 cards, cut them to separate letters or word enings and help your child flip to create new words.

Wand for E – “E” can transform “mad” into “made”.  Make your own magic “e” wand.

Flip over E wheel – make a word wheel and as you turn the wheel new words are formed.  Add a “flip E” to change a short vowel into a long one.

Candy land word game – Use sight words to help your child win in this fun classic game.

Paper plate spinner – here is another spinning word maker.  This one is made out of paper plates.

Word pulls – use TP tubes to create little pockets for this word activity.  Write part of the word on the tube and pull out the rest of the word.

Word family eggs – My kids love making maracas out of Easter eggs.  Now they turn the eggs to make new words.  When they sound out the “egg” correctly they get to shake the maraca.


Do you have a child who is learning to read?

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