Painting with melted crayons: My Preschooler’s Self-Portrait

Our kids love to draw and have literally hundreds and hundreds of crayons over here, many of them mere shards.  We’ve melted the crayons to create “new” crayons, but today I had a new “plan” for our leftovers.  Several months ago I saw a post by Suzy’s Sitcom where she melted crayons and then painted the wax onto fabric, then painted over that to create a crayon resist work of art – that she said she could sew into projects.

painting crayon


Art with melted crayons:

  • Obviously, lots of crayon bits
  • Candle Warmer – we liked this as while it got warm, even hot, it kept the wax cool enough that it didn’t burn us if we accidentally got a little finger in it.
  • Little Glass Jars
  • Cheap Paintbrushes
  • Dark Colored Acrylic Paint – we used brown, for our “garden”.


painting with crayon

We heated up the little jars, then painted our wax.  As we used a candle warmer to heat the wax we could only warm three small jars at a time, and it took a long time.  This meant that our painting project took most of the day.   But it was worth it to be “safe”.  After the crayon was painted we went over the work with the acrylic paint to make the crayon “pop” out more.  I loved the effect!


Colorful Craft:

Kids Melted Crayon Painting

Unlike Suzy, our crayon painted fabric is not sewable, the crayon/wax flakes off when the artwork bends, but I don’t care!  This is going on the wall!  My daughter painted us together picking flowers!  My son painted himself… as a firetruck??  I don’t know, but he had fun drawing his “fire”.  Even my youngest preschooler had fun contributing!


Want another melting crayon activity?  Kim had fun with her kids making art with crayons as they melted bits of crayons left out in the Texas heat, and Cathy has tons of coloring activity suggestions.

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