Lego Matchbox Beds {With a Free Printable!}

My daughter Molly has been asking me to make beds for her Lego minifigs, she’s worried about their little legs getting tired with all that standing around, so in a light bulb moment yesterday I popped a minifig into a matchbox and it fitted!! tada!! I had no-muss-no-fuss Lego matchbox beds, and all that was left for me to do was dress the beds with Lego quilts and felt sheets!

legfo matchbox bed by Michelle McInerney of

These little matchbox beds are great for play of course but why not slip a few into your handbag to keep little ones amused when you’re out for a meal or on car journeys too.

Just download the matchbox cover printable here, cut out the sheets, glue them to the matchbox cover and that’s it!!

legfo matchbox bed by Michelle McInerney of

Any little piece of fabric will do for lining the base of the matchbox and a piece of fluffy felt, fleece or an old towel would be good for the blankie, minifigs like to snuggle !!

legfo matchbox bed by Michelle McInerney of

Time to tuck someone in…. nighty night all.
Michelle xx

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