Christmas Ornament Napkins – Gifts Kids Can Make

Our kids love to decorate for the holidays… and I love it when our decorations double as gifts for Grandma!   We love gifts that kids can make – have you seen our growing list of 101+ Homemade Gifts for Kids?

This year we are adding a festive spirit to your Christmas table with a set of napkins.
pomegrant ornament napkins

Make Homemade  Christmas Ornament Napkins

Supplies You will need to Create:

  • Old White T-shirts.
  • Pomegranates
  • Multiple Colors of Acrylic Paint
  • Sponge
  • Scissors

Christmas stamp ornament

Cut the T-shirts into large squares or white fabric.  The edges do not need to be hemmed.  We personally liked the rough look of the jersey.

If you prefer a more finished look, pull on the edges of the cut and the T-shirt jersey fabric should lightly roll up around the edge.

Christmas stamp ornament

Cut the Pomegranate in half.  Lightly dab paint on to the cut side.  We layered paint colors of flat red, metallic blue and gold.  The layering of the paint and the mix of shine helped give a “glowy” look to our ornaments – and made every ornament a unique work of art.

After you’ve coated the fruit with a light layer of paint.  Stamp it onto your napkin/T-shirt Square.

Repeat with another color of paint.  Then, embellish with some of the leftover gold paint.
Christmas stamp ornament

Do not wash for 24 hours after painting to ensure that the paint “cured” to the fabric.  The first time you wash the stamped napkins, wash in dark colors.  Every subsequent time you should not have any bleeding of the dyes.

They will be “hard” around the paint until they are washed, but after washing should be soft.

4 days later teeth whitening

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