Repeating Kindergarten – A Mom's Tough Decision

All of the end of the year activities are in play.  Today, we are going to Chase’s Kindergarten awards program & picnic!  It is very exciting.  Not as exciting as next year’s Kindergarten awards program & picnic will be when we are actually celebrating his conclusion of Kindergarten.

Oh the joys of repeating Kindergarten.

Have I mentioned that I am not thrilled fully convinced that this is best for my boy?  I don’t think I have.  I have mentioned it to some of my loved-ones but not to you, some of my dearest imaginary , invisible, Internet friends in the world!  I am sure many of you will have a contrary opinion to mine but I am going to go ahead and put mine out there…because, well, its my blog.

Chase is very young.  His birthday is July 24.  He has struggled a bit through Kindergarten.  BUT.  He is a very sharp kid who has achieved a “Satisfactory” rating on his report card in almost every subject throughout the majority of the year. Over the past few months, he has blossomed in maturity & retention of reading/writing concepts in leaps and bounds. little boy with blanket 600x350

NOTE: Shauna has no problem holding kids back a year for growth.  Shauna does not necessarily believe that Kindergarten is the most beneficial year for that to be done for Chase.

I think that the basic concepts covered in Kindergarten are going to be quite boring for my boy next year.  I am afraid that my obedient, well behaved child might fill his boredom with silliness & acting out.  He may not, but time will only tell.    The teachers & staff are recommending another year for Chase because they feel like he “just isn’t ready” for First Grade. Our school has an amazing reading recovery program for first graders (that Mackenzie participated in this year) – I know that if he moves on to 1st grade, he is likely to be involved in that program and it did wonders for Mackenzie!  I feel a little irresponsible wanting my child in that program but I can see Chase quickly getting right where he needs to be.

When I signed the letter that was written up for me requesting for Chase to re-do Kindergarten, I asked if I could re-evaluate the situation at the end of the summer. I don’t think it is fair to measure his maturity 5 months before it is even time to start 1st grade. I do have that option so we will just see where he is in a few months.

I honestly feel like I am up against an educational regime on this though. I feel like if I decide to put him in 1st grade – I have this huge group of people looking down on my parenting skills.  Which isn’t really fair.  I want to do what’s best for my boy & I just have this gut feeling that this is not it. (NOTE: I absolutely adore Chase’s teachers/administrators and know that they are trying to do what they think is best for him as well, we just differ in opinion.)

OK – well thanks for listening to my rant.  Again, I am sure there are some adverse opinions on this.  Feel free to put it out there but be nice.

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