i bought pajama jeans

Pajama Jeans I saw the Pajama Jean commercial:

Quite honestly, I couldn’t help myself.

I am weak.

The styling of your favorite jeans with the comfort of pajamas.
Pajama jeans are so comfortable you will want to sleep in them.

I like to sleep.

Just because you are busy doesn’t mean you can’t look sharp.

I am busy.  I want to look sharp.

The secret is in the DORMISOFT fabric.

C’mon people, I mean they are made out of DORMISOFT!
I am powerless against DORMISOFT.

High contrast top stitching.
Back pocket design details.
EVEN brass rivets!
They look like they were made by some European designer.

I love some European designer!

Run a few errands in sweats and they start to wrinkle and sag.
But Pajama jeans look great ALL DAY LONG.

I just hate it when my sweats wrinkle and sag…OK, in reality I don’t own a pair of sweats, but if I did I would TOTALLY hate when they wrinkled and sagged.

Available in 8 sizes.
Including XS and plus sizes.

I am a size!

I was sold.

They had me at brass rivets.

I figured I would get $39.95 out of just mocking them on the internet for laughs.

So I went to the website and made my size selection.

Ummm…at this point I was a little frightened.  These are the only jeans I have ever bought that span several sizes and it isn’t like you get to try them on in a dressing room before buying.

I threw a dart at the size chart and pushed the buy button.

A month later my pajama jeans arrived.

I admit to rolling my eyes as I unpacked them.

No zipper?

The high contrast stitching is VERY high contrast.

I now understood why the some European designer styled them anonymously.

Oh my.

And then I tried them on.  And they didn’t look too bad.  And then I found myself rubbing my legs just like the girl in the commercial.  And then someone else even mentioned they kinda look good.

And I am wearing them right now.

And I don’t hate them…

UPDATE: During the first four hours of wearing my pajama jeans I lost one of the brass rivets.

UPDATE: The T-shirt they sent to me with my pajama jeans was “sized” according to the jeans that I bought.  The T-shirt would fit most 8 year old girls.  On me it was extremely tight and left 2 inches of my belly exposed…not a good look for me after 3 kids.

UPDATE: The Pajama Jeans website now forwards to PajamaGram where what I bought for $39.95 is now $59.95!

Really, PajamaGram?

UPDATE: I have tried to wear them several times. They are WAY too low in the back to sit and not expose the world to parts of my anatomy that I usually keep hidden under several layers.

UPDATE: Several people have commented below that they are available in some stores. I haven’t seen them in the stores yet, but PLEASE go try on pajama jeans before you buy them.

UPDATE: Several people below {OK, more than several} are irate that I haven’t returned the money for their pajama jeans returns. Let me just mention here that I am a random blogger and have no affiliation with Pajama Jeans.

4 days later teeth whitening

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