10 Best Bedtime Stories for Toddlers

Sweet bedtime stories.  Almost every night the kids cuddle up with Hubs for one of their traditions – story-time with Daddy!  I don’t know who looks forward to the time more, the kids or Levi!  Over the years we have had several stories for kids that have been nightly favorites – these are the ones that my toddlers and preschoolers love to hear over and over again, the ones I know by heart.  We at Kids Activities Blog hope that you can find time for some kids bedtime stories with your little one.

10 bedtime stories for toddlers

Bedtime Stories


The Going to Bed Book, by Sandra Boynton.  This is a cute board book with silly characters who go through their bedtime routine.  Toddlers can easily relate to the story.

Goodnight, Goodnight; Construction Site, by Sherri Duskey Rinker & illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld.  Boys will enjoy listening to this story about a collection of trucks, tractors and work vehicles going to bed at a construction project.

Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown & illustrated by Clement Hurd.  This book is a great asset for toddlers who are learning language.  It has been invaluable with our English as a second language child.  We use this book to help identify common items found in a house.

Stories for Kids

Harold and the Purple Crayon, by Crockett Johnson.  One night, Harold is supposed to be sleeping… and instead goes on an adventure with his purple crayon.  This is a cute tale, and one that I had as a child and now enjoy with my own crayon-loving kids.

Love you Forever, by Robert Munsch.  This is one of the stories that I remember my mother read to me when I was a child.  I love getting to tell my kids I love them forever as we read and snuggle before bed.

Guess How Much I Love You, by Sam McBratney.  Do you ever tell your child I love you “this much” with your arms measuring farther and farther out?  If so, you’ll love this story about a bunny family and how their love reaches the moon.

Kids Bedtime Stories

Wherever You Are, by Nancy Tillman.  The art work in this book is just stunning!  The words and images express how love will follow the reader, even if they go to the highest mountain, the most remote ocean, ride with the wildest animals and several other adventures.

Drummer Hoff, adapted by Barbara Emberly.  This book is based on a folk tale about a variety of characters who work together to fire a cannon – the illustrations and rhymes are darling – this classic is one of *my* favorite books to read to the kids.

Millions of Cats, by Wanda Gag.  Do your children love animals, do you want to help instill a love of life and animals in your kids?  This is a cute story about a couple who go to find a cat for a pet… and come home with “millions” of cats.

The Real Story of Stone Soup, by Ying Chang Compestine.  This “Stone Soup” book is based on the Chinese version of the fable.   What I enjoy about this book is that it is a book that holds my older kids attention – the pictures and the words tell two conflicting stories – as a man, the narrator, is taking credit for the work the boys are doing making “stone soup”.

Bedtime Books:

What are your kids favorite books to read??

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