KRE-O Transformers Construction Sets

KRE-O Transformers are Hasbro building block sets that allows kids to create robots or vehicles using the same set of bricks.  Each of the sets also comes with KREON figures like Autobots and Decepticons.

Kids Activities Blog investigated whether kids REALLY want to build robots or vehicles using the same set of bricks.

KRE-O Transformers Construction Sets Build vehicles and robots with same set of blocks

First we needed some investigators who would test the KRE-O Transformers fun factor.  I recruited my three boys {ages 7, 9, and 11}.

The next thing I did was to hand the boys the KRE-O Transformers Destruction Site Devastator set containing 560 pieces and boasting 6 KREON figures, a construction site area to build and 9 in 1.  9 in 1 is the block selection needed to build one giant robot or 4 vehicles or 4 smaller robots.

My three boys started lobbying for different choices:

I want to build the giant robot!

I want to build the four vehicles!

I want to build the four robots!

I opened the box and they fell silent.  There was PLENTY to build without fighting.  In fact, that was four hours ago and they are still quietly building on the living room floor.

Yes, I said three boys were silently building on the living room floor for four hours.

One put together all the KREON figures, another one built the construction site and then all three of them are working together on the Destruction Site Devastator Giant Robot.

From the looks of the progress, I might get a few more quiet hours of bliss.

KRE-O Transformers Cycle Chase set

There are also smaller sets in the KRE-O Transformers Construction series.  The one pictured above is Cycle Chase.  It included 4 KREON figures and the 75 pieces were built into the motorcycle with lots of extra weapons.  The smaller sets are good for younger builders since the instructions are shorter and less overwhelming.

There are even sets smaller than this.  The KREON Micro-Changers Mystery Bags contain a random KREON figure which can convert to an alternate mode like a jet or insect.  The Micro-Changers are an allowance-friendly $2.99 each.

KREON figures from KRE-O Transformers

So do kids REALLY want to build robots or vehicles using the same set of bricks?

The answer from my investigative team is an overwhelming YES as the building in my living room continues…

The boys report that the next KRE-O Transformers set that they want is The Battle for Energon which includes pieces to build both Optimus Prime and Megatron.

I really like that the blocks are interchangeable with the other building block sets we already own.  These sets are really unusual in their building flexibility and would make good Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers for kids who love to build.

You can find out more about KRE-O Transformers by visiting the website, following them on Twitter, and liking them on FB.

Thanks so much to Hasbro KRE-O Transformers for sponsoring this post and sending sets that have kept my boys occupied all day long.  All opinions expressed are mine and those of my investigators children.

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