Craft for Kids: 4th of July Fireworks


While we enjoy a lot 4th of July traditions and events, one of our favorite parts of the 4th of July is the fireworks. The explosions of color in the air are amazing to watch.  JDaniel and I sat down and created our own displays of fireworks using chalk and small red bows that we found in our craft closet. I had set out red, white and blue chalk for this project. As you can see one of us decided that green was needed to complete his drawing.

fireworks chalk_qm

We both took a different approach to creating fireworks. One of us loves big long strokes. We both had fun with our different chalk techniques drawing  swirls, dots, smooth arc and straight lines.

The chalk designs look really festive on  the black construction paper.  After we had completed our drawings, we added the bows to represent the large bursts that we love to see in fireworks displays. They gave our fireworks a 3-D effect.

Who doesn’t love chalk?  Here are some other fun projects to make with chalk:

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