Toddler Activities: Scooping Marbles

When Twin Big Brothers run towards the playground, Mr Two Year old waddles at warp speed behind them.

When Twin Big Brothers decide to spontaneously declare war at the top of their voices in our tiny corridor, Mr Two Year raises his arms and adds his voice to their war cry – (he scrunches up his nose; drops his jaw; very Braveheart like in countenance).

When Twin Big Brothers are playing with a tray of rice, guess where Mr Two Year old can be found?

teaspoon or small measuring spoon
small shallow bowl (Mr Two Year old preferred our toy teapot)
large tray

How We Played:

Twin Big Brothers (ages 4) happily scooped rice from one container to another.

Using a scoop is a fine motor skill that is easily incorporated into many types of daily play. It’s great for using both hands together; and building up the strength and stability of hands, fingers, shoulders, elbows and wrists. When learning to scoop, begin with larger objects or less refined substances. To help Mr. Two Year Old refine his scooping skills, marbles were added to the tray.

As your child’s scooping skills improve, use finer substances like rice, sand or flour.

Twin Big Brothers are playing with a tray of rice. Mr Two Year old is nearby, standing in a puddle of rice; the generous scraps which he has dropped onto the floor. More scooping play (and time) will fix that.

Tubs of rice are great for sensory play but these Quirky Mommas have some ideas that your children will love:

  • Pouring with Preschoolers –  kids have fun while practicing hand and eye coordination
  • Pasta Play – there are so many ways to play with colored pasta including making your own pasta jewelry!
  • Macaroni Art – pasta is great to eat and to craft with

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