Tiny Tim – The World’s Smallest Horse (asterisk)

At the State Fair of Texas, we saw this attraction:

World's Smallest Horse booth at State Fair of Texas

Come see the Tiny Tim, The World’s Smallest Horse!

From the wilds of the Arizona desert.

He’s not a baby, he’s a FUUUUULLY grown horse, but smaller than a dog.

He is so small you will want to pick him up and take him home with you.

But don’t do that!  We want evvvvveryone here to see Tiny Tim, the world’s smallest horse.

Obviously we had to pay two tickets a piece to go see Tiny Tim!

I mean, he is the World’s Smallest Horse!

Right here at the State Fair of Texas!

He came all the way from the wilds of the Arizona desert!

Who knows when we would have another chance like this!

*exclamation point overload intentional*

So, the boys and I shelled out a total of 8 tickets to climb the stairs to see Tiny Tim…

We climbed the stairs, peered over the fence, looked WAY down into the World’s Tiniest Horse PIT, and then just stared.

Mouths open.

In shock.

Frozen in time.

Looking up.

Looking back  down.

Mentally measuring Tiny Tim.

Looking again.

Then reluctantly leaving to walk down the stairs…

…where I collapsed into a heap of laughter so intense that my husband grabbed two tickets and headed up the stairs to see what all the giggling was about.

Here is a summary of our reactions:

Rhett(3) – Did the horse die?

Ryan(8) – That horse is way down there.

Holly(old enough to know better) – *can’t stop laughing to put a sentence together*

Blog-Stedman(older than Holly for the record) – I think it is a pony.

Reid(6) – That isn’t the World’s Smallest Horse, that is the World’s LARGEST horse!

Seriously, the Smallest Horse in the World is HUGE.

Holly estimates the size of the World's Smallest Horse

Smaller than a dog? My parents had a Great Pyranese that is dwarfed by the World’s Smallest Horse.

Pick it up and take it home with you? Maybe if you were the World’s Strongest Man.


World’s Strongest Man?

Wonder how many tickets it is to see him…

4 days later teeth whitening

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