Play with Math… through PlayDoh

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Play dough is one of our all-time favorite play materials. It’s great for children of all ages and provides a sensory play experience that can be adapted in so many different ways to encourage lots of learning. It lends itself well to exploring many aspects of math – through number recognition, counting, shape exploration and construction. NurtureStore has a free Let’s Play Dough e-book that’s got some great, easy-to-make play dough recipes in, so why not mix up a batch and try out these ideas for fun play dough math play.

Math: Counting

1. Try QuirkyMomma’s tip of combining stencils with play dough to make a set up numbers – then use them to make maths problems.

2. Or you could use NurtureStore’s basic recipe and make a set of numbers you can really eat.

3. Creativity My Passion shows you how to make a simple dry erase mat, which you can use to draw numbers then add play dough to make a 3-D version on top. Tracing these numbers is a great way for tactile learners to get to know their digits.

4. Teach Preschool has a fun idea for gumball counting, which works on number recognition and fine motor skills.

5. And you can find another take on matching doh and numbers over at Pre-Kinders where there is a free Feed The Giraffe  mat download.

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