Chuck E. Cheese {the company, not just the mouse} invited me to corporate headquarters here in Dallas this month.  I was excited because they are a new Kids Activities Blog sponsor and I love when I can work with companies that we regularly visit and love. My 10 year old son was excited because he was sure this meant additional “research trips” to Chuck E. Cheese. Blogging really is a family affair! Chuck E Cheese and Holly Homer On behalf of Kids Activities Blog, I am now part of Chuck E.’s Champions.  I spent a day with Chuck E. Cheese {both the company and the mouse} touring HQ, sampling the new menu, watching the new entertainment, sampling the new menu, chatting with the chef, sampling the new menu… Did I mention sampling the new menu? Oh my!  It is so good. Chuck E Cheese new pizza menu I will be the first to admit that in the past when I have taken my kids to Chuck E. Cheese for a family outing or for a party, I was very adept at avoiding the food.  I would grab a soda and order for the boys while planning my own meal for after we left. But things have changed for the better.  Here are some things I experienced: Amazingly good pizza.  CEC’s new pizza is delicious.  Seriously, it is so good you would go for just the pizza.  CEC did a little undercover taste testing and this is what happened…
I love a good cheese pizza.  Chuck E. Cheese’s cheese pizza is delicious. They have also introduced yummy adult-focused selections like Cali Alfredo and BBQ chicken. Chuck E Cheese new pizza From now until December 31, they are featuring my very favorite menu item – “Mac-Cheesy” Pizza.  It is a super tasty macaroni and cheese pizza that is impossible to stop eating. It is not just pizza.  CEC’s menu offers new and improved wings – bone-in wings or boneless oven-baked, all-white-meat nuggets.  My favorite was the boneless sweet chili sauce.  So good!  They also have smoky BBQ or hot buffalo.  These are all served with celery and blue cheese dressing (yay!). Chuck E Cheese breadsticks They are also testing some new items like low-calorie flatbread sandwiches and a whole bunch of new salad bar options including Italian pasta salad and deluxe red potato salad. Free Wi-fi.  This makes me so happy!  As a mom that works from home, there are just times when I need to get things done, but the kids need to be entertained.  In the past, it has been hard to find a place where the kids can play and play and play while I work.  CEC is the perfect solution because they are so excited to go and it gives me some much-needed catch-up time. Chuck E. Cheese is the birthday party leader.  I was shocked to find out that CEC hosts more birthday parties than anyone else in the country.  It does make sense.  I have thrown a party there.  We have gone to many parties.  They have always been easy and well-organized, but most importantly, the kids have fun. Chuck E Cheese double pepperoni pizza Lunch buffet…here we come!  There is currently a $5.99 All-You-Can-Eat Lunch Buffet.  It is offered Monday through Friday from 11 am to 2 pm.  That is a no-brainer when you pair it with the wi-fi! As you can see, I am excited about this partnership because of the improvements that have been made.  If you haven’t been to Chuck E. Cheese in awhile, I would encourage you to go and EAT. Over the next year, Kids Activities Blog will be exploring some of the other things at CEC.  You can get updates on all things CEC by following on Twitter @ChuckECheeses, Instagram @ChuckECheeses and on FB.

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