Are you studying US History or Geography this year with your kids?  Next year? Anytime in the future? If you are, you should pick up this bundle of US Geography resources produced by Little Learning Lovies. Featureimage-NoPrice-USGeographyBundle

Make Learning US Geography Facts FUN!

This bundle is a fantastic deal during Launch Week (9/5-9/12 2016).  You can save a bit over 70%! Here’s the list of everything in the new US Geography Bundle: (Ages are just a guide.  You know your children best!  Many activities designed for older children can be done with younger children if you help!)
  •  Draw The States eBook (all ages)
  •  US Geography Word Search eBook (Ages 6+)
  •  US Geography Write, Trace & Color eBook (ages 3-8)
  •  Us Geography Map Puzzle (ages 6+)
  •  US Geography Cross-Word Puzzle eBook (ages 6+)
  •  Clip Cards By Region (ages 6+)
  •  Clip Cards By State Flag (ages 6+)
  •  Clip Cards By Capital (ages 6+)
  •  State Flag Flash Cards (ages 4+)
  •  MEMORY!  States and Capitals (ages 6+)
  •  MEMORY! State Flags (ages 6+)
  •  US Geography UNO! (ages 4+)
  •  BONUS: US Geography Learn The States 2 Part Puzzles (all ages)

What Makes This Bundle So Special?

SO glad you asked! Little Learning Lovies puts a ton of thought behind every printable.  You’ll find that, unlike most free or paid PDFs out there, kids are learning so many different things within a single activity.  Games are produced to be incredibly fast to set up so more time is spent learning and less time is spent constructing.  You’ll find, too, that even when kids choose ‘wrong answers’ they end up learning from their mistakes (wrong answer choices are carefully chosen!) so no matter how you use them, these activities teach and teach while they engage minds young and old. Little Learning Lovies also frequently designs games to be playable by a range of ages, so the 5 year old can play with the 12 year old and they still both get to learn at their own level! Lastly, these games and activities print out beautifully!  The resolution quality is fantastic and that means that they are totally worth the bit of ink and laminate!  🙂  You’ll want to save these to play year after year.

The US Geography Bundle is just $19!

Can you believe Little Learning Lovies is giving you ALL of that for just $19 right now?  The retail value of the bundle is listed as $65!  But she’s only holding this price through 9/12, so please, take a moment now to go look closer at it and buy it today! 19Dollars-PhotosOfEverything-Pinterest-Ready-TALL  

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