Under Armour Uniforms: Because Kids Don’t Sit Still in School

I am the mom of three boys who all go to a school that wears uniforms.  This is why I am so thrilled to be sharing with you this information from our sponsor, Under Armour

Under Armour now makes school uniforms!


under armour uniforms steps

If your kids are like mine, they are constantly treating their uniforms like athletic wear!  The ability for me to provide uniforms that WEAR like athletic wear is a big deal.

under armour boys

Because I have 3 boys who are all 2 1/2 years apart in age, I am a huge believer in the hand-me-down system.  Each closet has bins on the shelves above the hanging rod filled with the next size from big brother.  One of the issues I have with uniforms is that they rarely make it to that box because they are worn out.

under armour boy

Under Armour uniforms are all stain resistant, machine washable and will not shrink or fade.  The fabric chosen for uniform bottoms has a two-way stretch which makes them comfortable whether your student is sitting or playing.

under armour girl on wall

Girls will appreciate that uniform choices include skinny stretch Bermuda short, skinny stretch chino pant, and stretch twill skort.

I know my boys will be obsessed with the hidden zippered technology side pockets…cool!

under armour girls

When I was in school, I actually fought FOR uniforms.  The school that I went to had such a restrictive dress code that it was challenging to find clothing that fit the requirements.  My boys have been at this school since Kindergarten and don’t know anything different, but after a long summer of wearing what they want it is hard to get them back in the mood.

under armour boys uniforms basketball

Their summer “uniform” includes many of the Under Armour sports clothes – even if their plans the day don’t include competitive sports!  I think the transition will be easier this year.

School uniforms are exclusively on UnderArmour.com and at select Armour Factory House stores.

Watch the #UANEXT hashtag for all sorts of Under Armour fun!