Do your children  love to color? Mine sure do! In fact, my oldest son recently  remarked, “There is nothing better than a box of new markers and a fresh stack of white paper.” I have to agree with him, but I also think it’s fun to change things up  once in a while. Boy, was he surprised when I left a box of new Sharpie markers and a stack of aluminum pans on the art table. Creating Aluminum Pan Drawings was fun, exciting, and something different to try! Aluminum Pan Drawings

Aluminum Pan Drawings

Kids will have an unforgettable art experience when they combine vibrant Sharpie markers and shiny aluminum pans. Perfect for home, school, or camp, this craft is easy for kids of all ages. Materials and Directions:
  • Aluminum Pie Pans
  • Sharpie Markers (all colors!)

Aluminum Pan Drawings

After gathering supplies, invite children to color on the aluminum pans. Aluminum Pan Drawings Some kids may enjoy creating robot faces. Aluminum Pan Drawings Others may enjoy  coloring  flowers, nature scenes, or their favorite cartoon character. The possibilities are endless! Hang the aluminum pan drawings on the wall with a string or from a pole in the garden  to keep birds away. Aluminum Pan Drawings

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